Styling Tips for Us Curvy More Mature Girls

GREETINGS girls, I don’t know about you but as I get a little more mature, a little fatter and a lot more menopausal, my dress sense is starting to get a little awry. So I have done a little research for you…A wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear….Hmmmm.

 Heres as few Tips that I hope will make life easier for the coming Party Season!

  1. WARDROBE CODE MUST DO! If I haven’t worn anything in at least 2 seasons (meaning I bought it summer 2015, didn’t wear it then, didn’t wear it 2016 then its time to give it to the salvos or give it to a friend who think might like it). Also, what a lot of us are guilty of is keeping our skinny clothes, the clothes we hope we will just get into down the track, give it to someone who can fit into them as they are just clogging up your wardrobe.

  2. CLEAN OUT THAT UNDERWEAR DRAW. Throw out all those old knickers and bras that don’t fit, too stained (washing just will not clean them anymore) and any of those camisoles that you keep for what?? (painting the house LOL).

  3. BUYING CODE MUST DO. Ok so now we have the wardrobe sorted you may be ready to add a few new items to your collection. One of my buying codes which I use 95% of the time is:  If you don’t love it, like really love it when you are trying it on then DO NOT BUY IT!  You know girls, many a time your um and ah spend 10 minutes deciding that you really need to just buy something, just anything, then 2 years down the track you still have it unworn in your closet. The other important factor is ensuring you have tops and bottoms already that will go with the new purchase…the more the better. No point in buying that fab top if nothing you have at home will go with it.

  4. THINK SIMPLE AND CLASSIC. For a really classy look go for classic pieces that compliment everything else in your wardrobe. They are easy to dress up with accessories like scarves and jewellery.

  5. COLOURS. For a classy look wear  solid neutrals. To dress quite stylish neutrals, tend to look more  sophisticated. Typical neutrals are white/cream/beige/navy blue, black and grey. Use accessories to add a pop of colour. Just beware of wearing all black especially as we mature as it tends to age us.

  6. FIT RIGHT. Too tight not only looks uncomfortable but is not flattering to the body, too loose then you lose any shape you have. I prefer slightly to form fitted and clothes that just skim the body.  Of course, girls, shapewear is important to firm those tummies, thighs and love  handles.  Shop Shape Now

  7. FABRICS I always go for beautiful fabrics that don’t crush and mostly don’t need ironing. Think wool, silk, linen (that doesn’t crush) and modal.  If the fabric is a little thin I will throw a bamboo slip or cami under it so my tummy and back are covered. These give the fabric a little more density.

  8. DON’T GO OVERBOARD WITH ACCESSORIES. Accessories will enhance a sophisticated look but keep it simple, so they don’t look so crowded and shows off your pieces to the best advantage. For example, if I have a great pair of earrings then wear something simple like a gold bangle on my arm.

  9. BUY TWO IF YOU LOVE IT. Yes, that’s my motto, if I I love it and I know it will last a few seasons I buy 2 especially classic styles. This also applies to shoes.

  10. SPEND MORE, BUY LESS. Although fast fashion is the trend now I find that it’s way better to pay a little more for quality and something that lasts for years rather than updating constantly.

  11. MANICURES and PEDICURES. A must do girls. Keep it simple and keep it clean for an effortless stylish look.

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