Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Underwear Sale
With so many shoppers jumping on deals the minute they launch, styles will sell out fast this Black Friday. It's the shopping event of the year - and everybody knows it!
Don't miss out beautiful women! Become the ultimate shopper this Black Friday with our Top 10 Shopping Tips for snagging the best bargains and buying things you need.

1. Do Your Research 

Browse early! Bookmark your favourite stores so you know exactly where to visit on Friday 26th November. To save a website, just click the star in the top right of the URL Bar at the top of the screen.
Create your ultimate shopping list | Bella Bodies UK

2. Make a list

Make a note of your favourite products so you can add them quickly and easily to your cart  during the sale. A list will mean there's no need to browse while other shoppers are checking out with YOUR next favourite!

Make an underwear shopping list

3. Sign up for Special Black Friday mailing lists 

Take advantage of early access, special offers and be the first to shop so you don’t miss out! 

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4. Ask questions before Black Friday starts

If you’re unsure of your sizing or want to try a new style, contact us early for size and style advice so you’re all set to go once the sale starts.

Get your right size | Bella Bodies UK

5. Take advantage of free shipping thresholds

Get your order shipped free! If you're not over the threshold yet and just need something small to get you there, check out the accessories collection where you'll find items like socks and lingerie wash bags. There could be a perfect stocking filler.

Free Shipping | Bella Bodies UK

6. Think about what events you have planned

What will you be doing in the next 6 months? Shop for them in the sale! Planning a holiday? (shop our travel styles), or maybe that long awaited Wedding is finally here? (Shop our Shapewear for the wow effect).

Event Ready all year round | Bell Bodies UK

7. Pick up some super bargains for next summer

Tuck them away so you have a head start on the warmer weather.

Shop out of season for the best deals | Bella Bodies UK

8. Shop Local for fast delivery

More important than ever this year is to shop from stores or businesses located in the UK if you don't want to wait 3 months for your order to arrive! You also will not have to pay ridiculous overseas shipping costs. 

Shop Local | Bella Bodies UK

9. Shop for friends and Family

Get on top of Christmas and Birthdays by purchasing a gift for your loved ones, so you don't have to stress about it later.

Shop for Friends or Family | Bella Bodies UK

10. Try something new!

Maybe a style you've always wanted to try, you never know you might find an unexpected favourite! So many women try shapewear and wirefree bras at sale time - and fall in love with their new hourglass shape or the comfort and support our bamboo bras give you.

Surprise yourself by trying something your usually won't | Bella Bodies UK

Get started now. Happy Shopping and don’t forget to sign up to the Bella Bodies Mailing List and you'll be the first to know when Black Friday launches!