Wirefree Bras & Breast Health

Why Wire-free Bras are good for your breast Health | Bella Bodies UK

Still wearing underwire bras? Girls we need to talk.

You already know that wirefree bras are the go-to bra for all day comfort, and when you choose Bella Bodies you get incredible support, lasting stretch and beautiful smoothing for back fat and cup shaping.

There’s so much more to know about wirefree bras.

The discomfort underwire bras cause (we all know those red marks and the amazing relief when you finally undo that back clasp!) could actually be causing harm to your body. It makes sense when you think about it – something pushing constantly against one area for so many hours every day can limit the body’s ability to function well in that area.

So how do we maintain breast health?

There’s a few things you can do. Here’s our easy peasy breast health check list.

  1. Set a reminder in your calendar to do a monthly breast check.
    • The months fly by so fast so remembering to do a breast check monthly is a real challenge. Set a reminder – problem solved!
    • Remember when checking that you need to look out for anything different, not necessarily a lump. Thickening, change of shape, anything different happening in one breast to the other are signs to see the doctor. Here’s a guide for how to do your check:

  2. Choose wirefree bras
    • The quality and support available in wirefree bras is exceptional these days, offering great shape and breast separation, without the pain of a wire. We just don’t need them anymore!
    • Try Ruby Lace Wirefree Bras for a beautiful lace look with maximum support, or Bamboo Bras for perfect stretch and comfort.

  3. If you’re going to wear an underwire…
    • Make sure you wear the right size. Most department stores are happy to measure you, without even booking. Be sure to try on a few styles too, and get the one that feels most comfortable.
    • Massage your breasts and underneath every time you take the bra off to improve circulation.

Interested to learn more? Here’s some info about potential risks to look out for when wearing wired bras, and why switching to wirefree bras is the healthy choice.

Underwire bras can be a “drain” on your Lymphatic System

Some research suggests that underwire bras can possibly be linked to the development of breast cancer. A husband and wife medical anthropologist team, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, claim in their book, “Dressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras” that underwire bras impede lymphatic drainage, which could ultimately lead to breast cancer. 

The Lymphatic System defends our bodies from disease 

The lymphatic system is an extensive drainage network that’s part of the circulatory system. Here’s a top level description of how it works, which helps explain why wirefree bras are the best choice for supporting this important bodily function. 

Blood Capillaries

Blood flows throughout the body in a continuous loop through blood vessels called capillaries. The capillaries deliver oxygen and nutrients that are found in the blood into our cells. The cells use the nutrients and in the process, waste is created. The waste is then moved into the lymphatic system for removal.

Lymph Capillaries

The lymph flows within its own system of lymph capillaries and vessels in one direction, which is upward toward the neck. The lymph capillaries collect excess fluid and waste that has been leaked from cells and blood capillaries. The excess waste and fluid are referred to as lymph. The lymph is deposited into the lymph nodes where filtering takes place and harmful organisms are trapped and destroyed with lymphocytes (white blood cells) that are present in the lymph nodes. Lastly, the lymph and the lymphocytes will then travel and be deposited back into the bloodstream.

If the lymph does not flow properly due to restrictions that are possibly caused by a tightly fitting bra, breast health could become compromised in the following ways.

  • Fluid can build up and lead to swelling and or lumps in the breast.
  • Toxic waste can accumulate within the lymphatic vessels and cause cells to become abnormal and ultimately lead to breast cancer.

Don’t panic ladies, the last thing we want is to scare you. Just try to make good choices when you can and limit wearing that super tight uplift bra for too long.

Ready to dive in and try a wirefree bra?