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    Soft and snug long sleeve tops designed with a longer length to cover hips and bum, and smooth tummies up to size 22. Stay warm on cooler days with breathable, eco-friendly bamboo and modal fabrics. The perfect long sleeve tops for lounging, walking and getting active. Dress up or down. Shop now!
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    Sustainable Collections for Minimal Impact

    We strive to have minimal environmental impact throughout every part of our business operations. Through conscious choice of fabric and suppliers, cutting edge production processes that minimise product waste, choosing packaging that is compostable and creating a healthy work-life balance for staff.

    We use sustainably sourced bamboo, Tencel™ Modal and cotton to create our beautifully comfortable garments.

    Bamboo and modal fabrics are natural fibres that are extremely sustainable crops as they self propagate and require no irrigation and they also make exceptional fabric for intimates as they are super soft and breathable.

    We endeavour to only order just enough so that we limit any excess stock, but if we do have leftover stock it is donated to charities such as Barnardos.

    We have always put sustainability above cost by sourcing compostable and recycled poly bags to protect our garments and compostable mailers to send out your orders.