Fashion Tips for Hourglass Body Shapes


We love the hourglass shape! You are super easy to dress and all us girls who are not hourglass are trying to become you. Many of you think that having a curvy bottom and a fuller bust has been a negative due to the massive amount of non-curvy, skinny chicks we tend to see in fashion magazines and shopping catalogues making us think that this is the perfection we need to be. 

You tend to have similar problems at times like the pears so we recommend our Sculpting Shapewear Shorts to firm the belly/hips whilst maximising that lovely waist shape. 

The Do's and Don'ts for Hourglass Body Shapes

The key to dressing an Hourglass body shape is to accent your curves. Ensure you wear belts and ties to really show off that waist to hip/bust ratio.

General Guide

  1. V neck tops and dresses will slim the look along with a lovely long line pendant to draw attention to your figure. Creating curve is easy with your figure so don’t hide too much under too many floaty tops unless they accentuate your bust.
  2. Wrap dresses and A-line skirts were made for you. Anything that has a waist in it will suit you.

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  • Belted tops that show off your waist.
  • Tops with banding or nips in at the waist.
  • Form fitted tops.
  • Wrap tops.
  • Tailored shirts and jackets. Wear form-fitting jackets that flare out at the hips rather than the men's strait type of jacket.
  • Tops that add volume to the bust and shoulders with a snug fitting waist create a dramatic hourglass effect.So girls belt up that Caftan Top and show off your figure.

Tops with darts are wonderful for you as they accent that great curve you have.

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Leggings, Shorts and Trousers Advice

You can wear any bottoms as long as you pair with the proper top and again ensure you accentuate you curvy waist and bust!

  • High-waisted pants and pencil skirts.
  • Any type of leg style will suit you just ensure you balance out the top. So if you wear a long floaty top over your skinny jeans make sure you have some kind of waist definition showing. Also, wear a long necklace that draws the eye to the middle of the body. Be careful with neck chokers they can make you look shorter in the neck than you are.
  • Cargos or decorated jean pockets accentuate your lovely curves.
  • Wide legs pants that are high waist will really show off those lines while the floatiness and drape of the pants will optically slim your thighs down.


I am not a full believer in following too strict rules as for example something that looks great on a Column shape may not be great for you but by utilising some of the above hints you can adapt pieces. For example, orange doesn't really suit my colouring but worn with black or navy i can get away with it. A big floaty caftan that hides your figure can look fab on an apple shape but if you nip it in at the waist then Voila your curves are on show and your figure is balanced.

So hourglass girls, don't hide your figure in baggy shirts or dresses. Whether you are a size 8 or a size 24, dress for your best look to feel the most confident

Don't forget to have a look at our Sculpting Shapewear Shorts to firm the belly/hips whilst maximising that lovely waist shape.

Best wishes and have fun dressing for your shape.


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