How Every Woman's Body Shape Can Wear a White Long Sleeve Top

So many of you beautiful women tell us when it comes to white clothing, it’s a firm “No way – can’t wear that!” But what if we told you that a white long sleeve top is actually one of the most versatile pieces in the wardrobe, and really should be a staple for every woman. (Whether you’re a mini size 8 or one of our extra voluptuous gals!)

A classic white long sleeve top is the perfect addition to the wardrobe for Winter fashion. Watch Michel tell us why! And read on below for even more really practical style tips.

Our White Long Sleeve Top in gorgeously lux soft fabric adds beautiful layered styling, gently smooths away any lumps and bumps, keeps you toasty warm and, as if that wasn’t enough, it also transforms your favourite Summer garments to all seasons. Our white top is particularly special when compared with all the other basic white long sleeve tops found at most fashion shops because it’s actually reversible too – simply spin it around to mix and match the flattering V or sleek scoop neck to your preference.

Whatever your personal style or body shape – from hour glass bodies, pear shaped bodies to rectangle body shapes and every wonderful woman in between - we have you covered (and lightly firmed, too!). Here’s six absolutely divine and inspiring ways to get the most out your Long Sleeve White Top.

A white top makes you feel like a glorious goddess in all your skirts

Add a layer of confidence to tummy-fitted skirts by layering with the White Long Sleeve Top. It gives a touch of firming shapewear at the waist and down through the hips – a streamlined, fluid silhouette for size 8’s all the way through to gorgeous 22’s. The layered effect is effortlessly chic, while the shaping performs magic on any lumpy, bumpy bits you might be self-consciousness about.

Be a poncho Queen with a white long sleeve top underlayer

In our view, ponchos should almost be sold with a long sleeve white top! This is the ultimate solution for what to wear under any colour or style of poncho – the simple design won’t outshine your statement piece, and gives perfectly light and comfortable body shaping from all sides, hugging your back, arms, sides and down to your tooshie (which now looks absolutely fabulous in your longer length white top!).

Defy the cold in knitwear – with a gorgeously soft, skin-caressing underlayer

The Pure Comfort Modal White Long Sleeve Womens V Neck Top works a treat under knitwear. It doesn’t create any extra bulk, so you won’t feel puffy whatsoever. In fact you’ll feel slimmed and cosy, with the light body shaping evening out any wobbles and the soft fabric caressing your skin. Pop your fave knit jumper on top, and enjoy all the lovely warmth without any skin irritation that sometimes comes with those Winter yarns.

Tuck in your white top and enjoy body shaping without pesky lines!

Our Pure Comfort Modal Long Sleeve Tops are incredibly lightweight, so you’ll never see tell-tale lines beneath your clothes if you decide to do the tuck in.  Go ahead - tuck your white top into skirts, pants and shorts of all fits and fabrics, and enjoy a smooth polished finish. When the White Long Sleeve Top is tucked in, it smooths over the body, streamlining and comforting. Or leave untucked to cover your hips and bottom with its longer length – absolutely divine.

We probably don’t even need to advise you on this look gorgeous girls, but let’s mention activewear just in case it slipped your minds! Perfect for Winter exercise, our white long sleeve top is the perfect choice to look casually crisp and fresh. For Winter walks, throw on all the layers you need - both under and over the white long sleeve top - and enjoy your beautiful country without the brrrrr factor.

The versatility of a white long sleeve top continues!

Another thing we love so much about our Long Sleeve White Top is that even though it’s a basic wardrobe piece, it can be styled to create a classic, sleek look when paired with more elegant garments.

For example, wearing this white top under a blazer or fitted suit jacket instantly transforms it to an incredibly polished and timeless Winter fashion style. The added benefit for the cooler months, is while you may need to look seamlessly lux and chic, underneath those well-cut pieces, our Pure Comfort Long Sleeve White Top will hug you all day, adding warmth and comfort with the soft, breathable fabric.

Under jackets, you can choose to allow the white sleeves to show or smooth them up the arms a little. Feel free to tuck in or leave untucked for that added bonus coverage across your behind. Both looks are gorgeous and work in every setting – at work, lunch with the girls or out and about.

And – the final awesome power of a white long sleeve top!

Girls here’s one last look to transform your Summer outfits to Winter winners! Pair under dresses, singlets and kaftans for an instant cool-weather take. And your wardrobe is doubled!